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Negative Sun

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Bitter Juice
Strange Feelings
Orange And Blue
Negative Sun
Of My Jaguar Dreams
Abstract Painting
Loveage Moondream
Trip Is Love
If You Kill The Man

Hey, I'm absolutely loving this band, and in particular, this album: Firefriend, from So Paulo, Brazil. This is their most recent offering, released just a month ago called 'Negative Sun'. And it is dynamite. One excellent tune after another. Imagine a sound somewhere between Psychic Ills and Black Market Karma...? A lovely bit of dark'n'dirty drone-pop. They've got this edgey post-punk delivery and that one-chord drone-boogie guitar sound that reminds me of the Velvet Underground. There are a dozen or so tunes on Yootoob, but I strongly suggest you just go to Bandcamp and buy the album. Play 'Bitter Juice' or 'Loveage Moondream' or 'Orange and Blue' or 'Trip is Love'. Simply fantastic drone'n'roll psyche. You will thank me for this one, I guarantee it.
Danzog, AUS

“O álbum mais sombrio e denso lançado pelo grupo até então”
Guilherme Guio, BR

“Perhaps They are smoking more potent weed down there or something”
Scott Miller, UK

“Such a great Album. Needs a vinyl Release”
Russ fatspider0

Teka Almeida, BR